BHS Classmates


Welcome to our BHS graduating class of 1967

BHS Classmates


Welcome to our Bunkie High School graduating class of 1967


Judy Aguillard

Candace Andrus

Dian Antie

Newell Armand

Tina Aymond

Sterling Bain

Walter Barns

Betsy Billeaud
Janiece Bordelon

Linda Bordelon

Joseph Boudreaux

Thomas Breaux

Ralph Brou

Susan Brouillette

Trenda Bruce

Kaye Bryan

Ronnie Carmouche

Verdie Carter

Mary Ann Cerami

Louis Charrier

Eddie Deshotel

Judy Doucet

Margaret Ducote

Teresa Ducote

Johnny Dupont

Beth Durham

Candace Faust

Debbie Fontane

Michael Fontane

Leon Franklin

Robert Fuqua

Christine Galland

Dale Galland

Russell Gauthier

Jude Glorioso

Burnie Goudeau

Gary Guillory

Vincent Guillory

Alcide Harris

Gale Harris

Linda Howard

Carlyn Hukins

Duane Hukins

Darrel Jans

Ronnie Johns

Elaine Juneau

Christine Kojis

Janice Kojis

Bonnie LaFleur

James Lemoine

Nila Littrell

Coleen Long

David Mayeaux

Jane McQuire

Judy Mitchell

Jesse Newton

Mark Normand

Charles O,Brien

James Oliver

George Paddy

Terry Phillips

Lynda M. Ponthier

Linda P. Ponthier

Linda Rascoe

Carol Redman

Rodney Reed

Sue Richie

Andy Rivers

Dorothy roy

Samuel Stone

Sue Strauss

Susan Tanner

Billy Temple

Sheryl Thayer

Carol VanLew

Billy Webb

Mary Williams

Nellie Williber
Connie Wilson

Kathy Wright