BHS Classmates

Welcome to our BHS graduating class of 1957

BHS Classmates

Welcome to our Bunkie High School graduating class of 1957

Read About Rose Marie, Bill, Dicky, & Bobby Read About Lelia & Elaine

Rose Marie Armand

Bill Biles

Dicky Billeaud

Bobby Bony

Lelia Boone

Elaine Bordelon
Read About Patsy & Mary Read About Betty, S.J., Beverly, and Ronnie

Patsy Brou

Mary Brown

Betty Calhoun

S.J. Cerami

Beverly Charrier

Ronnie Chatelain
Read About Robert, Patsy, William, and Geneva Read About Alice & Joyce

Robert Chotto

Patsy Connelly

William Cullen

Geneva Deselle

Alice Ducote

Joyce Ducote
Read About Jo Read About Sadie, William, and Mary Jo Read About Bobby & Bonnie

JoAnnne Dufour

Sadie Dupont

William Earnest

Mary Jo Frank

Bobby Franks

Bonnie Gautier
Read About Donald Read About Kirby, Andrea, & Dorothy Read About Stafford & Edwin

Donald Goudeau


Andrea Havard

Dorothy Hidalgo

Stafford Holland

Edwin Kelley
Read About Henri Read About Daniel, Danny & Marvin Read About Jerry & Mary Jewel

Henri Lee Kelley

Daniel LaCombe

Danny LaFleur

Marvin LaFleur

Jerry Lindsey

Mary Jewel Lutz
Read About Dick Read About Jimmy, Louis, & Marie Read About Don & Pat

Dick Mantiply

Jimmy Massey

Louis Mayeaux

Marie Michel

Don McConnell

Pat McCoy
Read About Mary Read About Burton, W.A., and Alice Read About Christine & Lottie

Mary Ortego

Burton Palermo

W.A. Quirk

Alice Rabalais

Christine Rabalais

Lottie Reynolds
Read About Alice Read About Lynwood, Bruce, & Marie Read About Sam & Judy

Alice Sandifer

Lynwood Sehon

Bruce Stagg

Marie Swann

Sam Tagliarina

Judy Taylor
Read About Patsy Read About George & Aubrey      

Patsy Tubre

George Waites

Aubrey Woods
Special Thanks Goes Out To Skip and Betty Calhoun Marshall For Providing This Bunavola